Zoom X6 ADSL modem Default IP Address and Set up

I recently had to help a friend set up a Zoom X6 ADSL modem router and had a few initial problems connecting to the web interface.  The main problem turned out to be that the inbuilt DHCP server is turned off by default.

The default IP address for the Zoom X6 ADSL modem router is

Although it does have a built in DHCP server this doesn’t seem to be on by default so you will need to set the IP address the computer you use to connect manually to something in the same range ( for example).

The default user name is admin and password is zoomadsl.

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  1. Hello Mark

    Thank you for taking the time to make that information available, I have just spent half an hour trying to get a new X6 I am installing at a friends to connect to a pc, never occured to me that DHCP would be disabled.



    1. I’m glad you have found the answer John.
      It would save everyone a lot of time I think if DHCP was enabled and you had to turn it off. Clearer instructions would be good too but it seems manufactures like to give us a challenge.

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