Setup a fixed IP address

In order to setup some routers, print servers and modems you  often have to connect to them via a wired connection even if they are wireless. Some of these devices have an inbuilt DHCP server so it’s just a case of connecting a cable and you are ready.

For the devices that do not have inbuilt DHCP you may need to set up your PC to have a fixed IP address. To do this in Windows XP go to Network Connections in the Control Panel.

Find the connection you will be using to connect to your device and right click on it and choose Properties from the menu. It the dialog box that appears scroll down the list of protocols in the centre box and find Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on the Properties button.

Network Connection Properties
Network Connection Properties

In the new window that pops up click on the radio button next to ‘Use the following IP Address’. It the IP address field enter an IP address for you machine. This should be in the same range as the device you are connecting to. For example if you are connecting to a device with an IP address of you could set this filed to be Pressing the TAB key after the last number automatically fills in the next line. If you are just setting up a device you can leave the rest of the fields blank and click OK to save all the settings.

Once you have finished setting up your device you can set you connection back to automatic by repeating the steps  above and choosing the ‘Obtain IP address automatically’ option. You will also need to choose the ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ at the bottom of the page.