Increasing message size limits in Microsoft Exchange 2007

By default Exchange 2007 with Service Pack 1 has a number of limits set that restricts the size of messages that can be received to 10MB.

To see what the current limit is open the Exchange Management Shell (found in Start->All Programs->Microsoft Exchange 2007) and enter the command: get-transportconfig

This will show you a list of settings and the current limits, for example MaxReceiveSize. To change a value you can type the command: set-transportconfig -maxreceivesize 30

That would set the MaxReceiveSize to 30MB.

You may also need to tcheck to properties of the receive connectors in the Exchange MMC Snap in. Go to Exchange -> Server Configuration – Hub Transport and view the properties of one or each of the connectors. On the general tab is a setting for the maximum message size.

In addition to the checking the setting of the Internet send connector may solve any problems. This is found under Exchange -> Organisation Configuration -> Hub Transport. Again view the properties of the connector to see the Maximum Message Size setting.

Zoom X6 ADSL modem Default IP Address and Set up

I recently had to help a friend set up a Zoom X6 ADSL modem router and had a few initial problems connecting to the web interface.  The main problem turned out to be that the inbuilt DHCP server is turned off by default.

The default IP address for the Zoom X6 ADSL modem router is

Although it does have a built in DHCP server this doesn’t seem to be on by default so you will need to set the IP address the computer you use to connect manually to something in the same range ( for example).

The default user name is admin and password is zoomadsl.

Age of Empires 3 (III) Paused After Resuming a Saved Game

After excitedly playing my first game of AOE3 recently I saved it to come back too later which is quite a common thing to do. When I came back to replay the game an hour or so later though I was faced with the message ‘Game Paused’ and no obvious way of getting the game to continue.

I knew that the solution must be simple but there was nothing that indicated what to do so I did a bit of digging.

To get Age of Empires 3 (III) to play after opening a saved game which is paused by default you need to press the ‘Pause/Break’ button on your keyboard.

According to Microsoft pressing F7 should do it too.

It might also be worth checking you have the latest updates (Tools->Update from with in the initial game menu).

Once you have updated and restarted AOE3 the game should show a prompt giving you the option to resume a saved game when you open it.

You can read the help from Microsoft on this topic at

Netgear WGPS606 or WPGS606 wireless print server installation and setup

In order to set the WGPS606 up for the first time on Windows (XP, Vista or 7) you need to connect using an Ethernet cable plugged in to one of the ports on the back of the print server your computer.

The default username is ‘admin’ and password is ‘password’ as shown on the bottom of the device but the instructions do not seem to mention the IP address which is

There is no DHCP server built into this device either so you may need to set a fixed IP on the machine you are using to connect to it in order to establish communications.

Details about how to set your PC to a fixed IP address can be found here.

Once you have done that you should be able to access the built in control panel and set it up as required.

Once the device has been connected to the wireless network ensure you get a new IP address from your wireless router then disconnect the cable before trying to connect a PC to a printer port. If you don’t do this the setup program on the CD will connect the to the printers using the IP address accessible via the cable which may not be accessible via wireless.

The WGPS606 will work with Windows Vista but for some reason the setup program doesn’t. To get connected to the printer with Vista you will need to add a new port manually. There is an explanation of how to do this here
If you have Windows 7 the process is very similar.

If you are just intending to use the WGPS606 as a bridge the setup is the same but you will not need to worry about the printer aspects.

In order to set the WGPS606 up for the first time on Windows (XP, Vista or 7) you need to connect using an Ethernet cable plugged in to one of the ports on the back of the print server your computer.