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The sphericalsquare knowledge store allows you to save bits of information alogside tags that make it easy to find at a later date.

It can help solve all those problems when you think 'I know I know that' but can't quite remember. Now you can just enter the key words you are thinking about and your answer will be there (assuming you have previously added it of course).

You can set your bits of knowledge to be private so only you will be able to find them or public so the whole community can benifit from your wisdom.

Recenty Added Knowledge

Can the file ehshell.mdmp be removed safely

ehshell.mdmp  media  centre 

Extension of the instructions supplied with a Netgear WPGS606 wireless print server including the Default IP address. Also a bit about using this with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
This is a useful piece of wireless networking equipment and a good addition to a wireless network but it can be a bit tricky to set up if you are not familiar with networking. It works well as a print server but is just as useful as a stand alone bridge

Netgear  WGPS606  WPGS606  Default  IP  print  server  bridge  wireless 

If your machine appears to be very slow for a period when you initially turn it on it may be because an svchost.exe process is running at 100% of the processor.

svchost.exe  100%  windows  xp 

Restoring a database fails with an access denied error along the lines of 'Restore failed for Server' or System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: The operating system returned the error '5(Access is denied.)'

SQL  Express  access  denied  restore 

How to get Ubuntu running on VirtualBox.
This solves the problem where you get the error: Int 14: CR2 c1000000 err 00000002 EIP c03f3c3e CS 00000060 flags 00000006 after a successful installation of Ubuntu Server 7.04 (and possibly other versions) in a VirtualBox virtual machine.

Ubuntu  Linux  virtualbox  install  installation  problem  Int  14:  CR2  c1000000 


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